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Jim Hullihan is the President/CEO of the National Alliance. His Motivational Media Assemblies programs have presented to over 55 million students. His LeaderONE curriculum is the most widely-used leadership training program in secondary education.


The NAYD is a team of concerned citizens and youth experts that have banded together to change the way young people are developed. And how education should work. Awakening knowledge, passion, talents and interpersonal capacities is preferable to just knowledge. And our educational system does poorly with some of that agenda. And communities don’t empower most young people! So, to develop strong young adults, we have chosen to address all factors in a community that impact kids. Poverty, family strain, job disruption and educational testing failures all impact our kids and affect their levels of achievement. We have brought together a group of unique experts into a creative ‘think-tank’ to advise and execute the best of changes. We have created or identified the best motivational assemblies, leadership training, character development resources, collaboration strategies and community support plans that will take education to a much higher level. We have built a ‘field team’ of experts ready tocome and guide you through the process of change. Drop us an email and tells us your situation.

National Alliance for Youth Development